Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Utah Trip 2012

I had opportunity to go on a trip to Salt Lake City this Spring for a class for work. I made the most of my trip! The agenda held a trip to Park City, the Great Salt Lake, Olympic Park, and tons of mountains! This was the most enjoyable, relaxing trip I've been on to date. When the plane landed, it was snowing but the next morning, after the sun came out, the snow was gone and it was warm! The next night it started snowing again and I decided to sleep with my hotel sliding door open all night. The air was so refreshing and waking up to the sun coming up over the Utah mountains was breathtaking! I don't have room for all the pictures I took, but I wanted to share some of my favorites. The only down side to this family wasn't there with me.

 The Great Salt LakeView from my hotel room...first morning
Olympic Park
Home of 2002 Winter Games

Mountains on the way to Park City, UT

One of the views from Park City, loved this place!

View from restaurant...Main Street Pizza & Noodle

A Baksy painting on Main Street

Me with the Moose!

I cannot relay how much fun this trip was and how awesome this experience was! It won't be my last trip!